How to Find a Great Guitar Teacher

Great guitar instructors manage and plan new materials and effectively explain their significance and meaning. A great guitar trainer should urge you when you’re doing great and correct you where you might have gone wrong. An outstanding instructor will direct you on how to better arrange your practice materials and how to efficiently manage your practice time. They assist you in building up your confidence level and becoming secure with your technical skills for you to execute tough techniques on your instrument comfortably. These instructors emphasize creativity and performance. They also want to ensure you fully comprehend what you’re learning and most significantly, teach you how to apply it by providing detailed explanations and motivating you to ask queries when something isn’t clear. In short, a good guitar trainer will take you far past what you could train on your own. Unluckily, guitar teachers aren’t regulated and there’s no association that oversees them. Anybody can claim to be a guitar teacher. However, the number of good guitar teachers is limited, bringing us to a vital query; how can you find a good guitar instructor? Below are some questions you should ask potential guitar teachers.

Can you kindly tell me about your guitar teaching experience; like how long you have been teaching the instrument and roughly how many learners have you trained during that period? A minimum of 3-5 years of teaching experience is great, but not below one year. It is great if the guitar instructor has trained a moderate to a huge number of learners. It takes time for a guitar teacher to learn how to teach well and the major way of learning to teach is by teaching for a long time. Thus, inexperienced guitar instructor treats their initial learners like experiments. The guitar trainer learns the way to teach on the job, through trial and error. They learn how to teach with time, and will make some errors at the beginning of their profession. You do not wish to be among the first 30-50 learners. Get a guitar teacher who has made mistakes on someone else.

What music styles do you teach? You should ask this query before informing a potential guitar instructor of the music styles you wish to learn. Many guitar teachers brag that they teach all music styles; beware of such. Do not get impressed by a person who says he/she can teach all music styles well. If you wish to be an outstanding rock guitarist, it’d be prudent to take lessons from a teacher who teaches rock style and not a blues one. If you intend to learn several music styles, learn guitar from different teachers. Unless you’re a complete beginner, you’re better off with a professional instructor in your preferred style, not a jack-of-all-trades guitar instructor.

Finding a teacher who will help you attain your desired level of playing guitar is not that simple. This is because there are several guitar teachers and the field is not regulated. However, you’ll be okay if you select a teacher who’s experienced in your preferred style.

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